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The Ultimate Wig Styling Guide

The Ultimate Wig Styling Guide

Feb 21, 2023

  1. Everyone owns a wig nowadays and gone are the days where you wear your wig just the way it is. In recent times, people have grown to Styling wigs in order to improve its appearance as well as maintain its style. Wig Styling boils down to personal preferences, while some people prefer Styling their wigs a type of way, others can switch between styles for a particular wig. Knowing how to properly style your wigs for sale online can give it a more natural and flattering look but there are different styles you need to use for different kinds of wig. You can always check out new Styling tips to help you.

Products To Use When Styling your wig

There are different wig styling products available in the market. Only the right product can make your wigs turn out great. You definitely do not want your wig looking manhandled after a Styling process that is what you need to buy authentic wig styling products. Each product is dependent on the type of wig you possess. Either a synthetic or human hair wig for sale, straight or curly wig, long or short wig. Here are some of the best wig styling products

  1. Spray bottle filled to the top with water for moisturizing your wigs
  2. Hair clips for keeping your wigs in place
  3. Headband can be used to hold up your wig above your face 
  4. Shampoo
  5. Conditioner 
  6. Moose keeps your already made style in place 
  7. Combs or brush 

    Wig Styling Methods

    When Styling your wigs for sale you should treat synthetic wigs and human hair wigs differently. Each of them have different lifespan as well as different levels of tolerance for different products. Because the fiber strands are different for both types of wig. Their Styling processes should be different also.

    Synthetic hair Styling 

    • When Styling this type of wig you can moisturize with water from a spray bottle to make the hair softer and easy to brush and to remove static or frizz.
    • Never use heat or heat equipment for your synthetic wigs except the wigs has a label that allows you to apply heat. Using heat on your synthetic wigs can melt of burn the strand. Meaning your wigs won't last as they should.
    • When brushing your synthetic wig you should always use a wide tooth comb  so you do not destroy the fibers. You also need to avoid bringing it when it's wet.  The types of brush to use include, wig brush and wide tooth comb.
    • Ensure you always wash your wig with a cool water. You can use good shampoo and conditioner products.
    • When getting your wigs trimmed you would need to put it on so that you can get the appropriate length that you want.

    Human Hair Styling

    Human hair wigs have very much difference from synthetic wigs. This is because they offer a wide range of versatility in Styling and can last several years. You also do not need to worry about heat destroying the strands of your wigs. Here are some of the Styling processes.

    • You can always wash and dry your wigs but you would also need to avoid using hot water and conditioning the roots. Washing regularly means washing only once a week.
    • Before washing, you also need to detangle your wigs and the Comb types for use are wide tooth Combs or a Paddle brush.
    • To straighten the wig divide it into section and straighten each part with a hot iron starting from an inch above the root. Same applied for curling the wig.
    • Use a hair spray after straightening or curling your wig.


    Your wigs are different so you need to care for them differently to avoid damages. Always talk to your Stylist about different Maintenance styles for your wig type.