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How To Maintain Your Curly Lace Wig

How To Maintain Your Curly Lace Wig

Feb 20, 2023

How do you know when your curly wig has started to lose its texture? Sometimes you may put on your wig and notice that it has grown a lot bigger, probably due to the formation of frizz curls or the lack of moisture in them. Maintaining your curly wig can prove really difficult if you do not have the right products for the job. Your wigs for sale online is part of your investment as a lady, with the lack of proper maintenance, you will notice that your wig will start to depreciate and may even begin to fall off. A curly wig that isn't maintained may tangle and make it difficult to comb out or may fall out when it is being brushed. In this article, we have compiled the list of products and maintenance tips to get your curly wig looking soft and lush 

Products Required For Maintaining curly wig

There are different products that are used to maintain curly wigs, your hair Stylist or wig expert may even prescribe some products that would be good for your type of wig.  Some of the simplest products you can apply on your wig include:

  • Water
  • Leave-in conditioner : They provide moisture to the hair and detangle the strand, all the while protecting it from damage. There are different Human hair wigs for sale types that can benefit from leave-in conditioners. They work best for dry and frizzy wigs.
  • Hair Moose: this is particularly good if you want your wig curls to last all day and maintain the sheen. It also works like the leave-in conditioner and keeps the hair from frizzing.
  • Detangling mist : It helps to keep curls detangled while being protected from external elements. It also prevents static and frizz as well as adds a soft shine to the curls.
  • Wide tooth comb : it helps to detangle wet and dry hair. Its teeth are well spaced out and this helps the hair to glide smoothly over the comb.

Maintaining The Curls In Your Curly Wig

Although curly wigs require a little more maintainability than the straight or wavy wigs for sale, with the right products, you can keep them in shape and in good condition for a long period of time. Here is how to maintain the curls

  • Divide your wig into sections as you plan to moisturize it. Separating it into smaller sections would help the water to seep through it easily so that the hair can get enough water.
  • You can use water to allow the curls settle down. Using water can make the hair puff up and become dry later so it is advisable that you only use water if you are not going to wear the wig out. If you want to wear the wig outside, you are going to need a lot more than just water.
  • Next, you add in your leave-in conditioner into each section. You need to make sure you apply as much water and leave in conditioner to the end of the curls as that is the part that gets the most frizz. When you apply this product you may want to run your hand through your hair or use the wide tooth comb, anyone can work out.
  • You can also apply the Detangling mist in a case where you don't have the leave in conditioner. It would help to detangle any frizz or static.
  • The Moose is the last product you would apply. Why? Because it acts as a seal and helps to keep the detangled curls intact and last all day long. When applying this, you need to use a generous amount so that you don't end up applying a quantity that would have little effect.


If you want your wig to pop as well as look brand new and natural, then you have to use the right products. When you are done using the wig and want to store it up, you can put it inside a plastic bag or on a styrofoam head. Ensure you always wet the wig once in a while to prevent too much static.