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8 Things To know Before Buying A Lace Wig

8 Things To know Before Buying A Lace Wig

Mar 16, 2023

Lace wigs are known by different names to different people and it is a type of wig that has a lace in front. A lace front wig is one that has its front hairline covered in hairs that are meticulously hand-tied into a thin, practically unnoticeable lace material.

The lace wig is one of the numerous wigs for sale online is a very realistic type of work that gives your hair a natural hairline and blends with your skin tone to add more reality to your style. It can also mimic your natural hair and act like it is growing directly out of your scalp

Here Are 7 things To know Before Buying A Lace Wig

  1. Most times a full lace wig comes without straps and you need to have it glued to your hair or else it may come off If you do not glue it. This type of wig is usually made with a human hair wig for sale. There is another lace wig that does not need you to glue to your skin. For that, there is a small strap at the edge that has a hook on each side so you can pull together to keep your wig in place. With the strap at the back it means that you do not need to put the glue on. For both types of full lace wig you can style it whichever way you think of and no one would actually see any difference. One can be worn for a long time because it is glued to the head. The glueless wig can be worn for a short time.

  1. You can get a full lace frontal wig sewn. Are you surprised? There are people who may not want to get glue on their scalp due to some allergies or because they just don't want it. People like that can go for a sewn wig, there are special kinds of stylists that sew in wigs, especially some of our wigs for sale. They would help you install your wig on your hair but this time around, with a needle and thread.

  1. Get a Light Coloured Full Lace Frontal: 

Getting a dark coloured full lace wig will leave you having to bleach or conceal it and it can be a deal breaker for most people  because sometimes it may not just come out right anymore. Some people may buy a dark coloured wig and find out that it is darker than their skin. This would make them use a bleach to lighten it to their skin tone. That's a lot of work. Lighter coloured lace wigs work best, even if it is tighter than your skull, you can opt to conceal it to your skin tone so that the front lace and your skin would be the same color.

  1. Take it to a Stylist whenever you can:

Some of us may get a very expensive full lace frontal wig or maybe it was a gift to you and you are wondering how the heck you are going to put it on. In order not to make mistakes or end up ruining your newly acquired hair, which by the way is a precious investment of your money. It is better for you to get your wig to a Stylist who can help install and customize it for you.  Your hairStylist can  help you put It in order as well as cut it to the desired length or add in any shade of color you may like. The bottom line is, it's not a bad idea to take your lace wig to your hairStylist.

  1. Some people may never know this or maybe they are not aware of it yet, note that, you can change the style of your lace wig anytime and any day. It doesn't have to be on the side or at the center. You could be at the center or at the side or you can wear it all to the back. Your lace wig can actually act like your normal hair, which you can give several types of Styles to depending on your mood or on what suits you best. You can also decide to keep it in a particular style for as long as you want and it would last for that long.

5.Your lace wigs should be stored very neatly when you are not wearing them. It can be stored in an airtight sealable bag, a dust-free area of your house or all covered when not in use you should keep them away from direct sunlight by placing them on a shaded part of your house on a mannequin head or styrofoam head.

  1. There are different types of glue to use for your lace front wig and each of them depends on what you are wearing the wig for. If you are wearing it to work like on a normal day, you can use the normal glue or adhesive to fix it to your head. If you are planning on going swimming, you can use a different type of glue so that they won't come off easily or damage your wig. For any glue that you want to use on your wig, you should also note that it is going to be applied directly to your head so you might want to get a hair protector cream. Another thing to note is that you should test your glue before buying it to avoid getting the wrong glue for your frontal lace wig. 

  1. While it is quite a very long and careful process in putting on your lace wig, you should also apply the same careful process while taking it off. This is because your lace wig is glued to your head so you have to use a specific type of adhesive to soften the glue  before carefully pulling it off your head. 


Lace wigs require a lot of maintenance and you can't afford to destroy the wig because they are usually expensive. Some of the maintenance practice you can carry out is washing the fabric after using it for for period of time and using the right glue on it.