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Wig For All Occasions: Choosing The Right Wig

Wig For All Occasions: Choosing The Right Wig

Jan 27, 2023

Almost everyone you know right now owns a wig, could be your sibling, parent, workmate, or even your neighbor. A wig can be a necessity in your life, giving you a beautiful yet natural look. Every season is a wig season, as you know there is a wig for every occasion. And I'm sure by now you are wanting to get one of the wigs for sale online. So if you are trying to get the best wig as a newbie or someone who already has lots of wigs then I suggest you are in the right place. In this article, we would guide you on how to choose the perfect wig 

Consider The Structure Of Your Face

This should be your top consideration when you are choosing a wig because I'm sure you want to wear what fully fits you. Sometimes you may want a particular human hair wigs for sale but it is not the best fit for you. Everyone has a different facial structure so everyone has a certain wig that may or may not fit well on their face. The facial structures seen are the Oval face, square face, oblong or rectangular shaped face, diamond-shaped face, and pearl-shaped face.

Each structure has its own type of wig. 

  • The oval structures face would go with many types of wigs but they also need to avoid the bulb wig. 
  • The round structured face would go with a center part or short wig. 
  • Square-structured faces would go with curly wigs or waves. 
  • Rectangular structured faces should avoid wigs with a center part.

Consider the Length of the wig

3 lengths of wigs exist; Short, medium, and long.  Choosing this type should be based on two things;

  • Structure of your face
  • Personal preference 

For personal preference, it boils down to many points. Maybe you stay in a hot or cold region and you don't want to sweat a lot. Maybe you don't just like long hair because they tend to scratch or disturb your daily activities. All these would in one way or another affect your decision about the type of wig you would go for.

Consider Your Budget At the Moment 

You do not want to get broke all because you purchased the latest wig. While it is good to slay on such beauty it is also advisable to slay within your budget. It is a healthier choice if you get a wig and still have enough money to maintain that wig. Wigs for sale have different ranges and the more finesse the higher the amount. There are different brands to choose from; it could be single donors, multiple donors, synthetic hair, or hair blend. Each of these sets would have its price range. You may decide to start with lower-priced wigs such as hair blends or synthetic wigs.

Consider The Texture 

There are quite a few textures to consider when you have discovered what your appropriate length of wig would be. The textures of hair you can go with include:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly

These categories have different subcategories beneath them and they include:

  • Straight: Flat hairs 
  • Wavy: Flowing and Bouncy hairs
  • Curly: Deep curly, kinky curls, deep wave

According to your preferences, you need to choose a texture that would be more comfortable for you or for the type of occasion you are attending

Colour of Hair

The Color of the wig should be one of the criteria you should also consider while shopping for a wig. It could be a personal wig or wig for an occasion,  All these would count. If you have a certain lifestyle, that could also influence your choice of wig color. If you have to wear it for an occasion, it may be the color of the day or certain criteria for entry. You should as well consider these.


Choosing the right wig would need proper planning and research, from the type of wig to budget to durability. All these should be considered. A wig could be the right investment and save you a lot of time in the future when you haven't done your hair.