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4 Ways To Maintain Your Wigs

4 Ways To Maintain Your Wigs

Jan 11, 2023

Wearing a wig can be a very beautiful experience because you get to wear it in different ways and styles that suit you. Some of the best wigs are very expensive that you can only afford one or two, so you would want it to last a long time. One thing that scares wig buyers the most is having to throw away a good wig due to some changes in texture or color. One way to avoid this is by performing proper maintenance on your wigs. Your wig maintenance should be a top priority if you want them to last longer and even look better by the day. This is why you should always read articles that explain the process. In details because it's not about getting the best wig for sale online around town; it's about giving it the longevity it deserves. Let's dive into four of the best ways you can maintain your wig.

Wash Your Wigs Properly 

When was the last time you actually washed your wig? Some of us just spray some water or wig oil on them and feel like we are good to go, that is not the case by the way. Washing your human hair wig for sale is very essential as it gets rid of bad odor as well as brings back its shine and softness. Now don't get me wrong, washing your wigs is not the same as washing your normal hair, there are two different methods and here's how to wash your wig.

  • Get warm water and add in your shampoo before soaking your wig in it. Ensure you shake the water a bit to see it foam up. Leave the wig to rest in the water for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse out the shampoo from the wig with another clean warm water and proceed to soak the wig again into a hot water with conditioner
  • Repeat the same process and the same amount of time for the conditioner in hot water.
  • After these processes above, go over to  detangling the wig with a detangling comb or brush.
  • Air dry your wig after the whole process.

Keep Your wig Properly When Not using It

When you aren't using your wig, ensure you keep it in an open place. You don't want your wig to start sweating from the inside because moist heat can do a lot of damage to your wig. Hence, a proper way to store up your wig when not in use is to place it on top a mannequin head or any equipment that has that structure to hold on to your wig. Ensure that you do not do the following to your wigs for sale:

  • Keep it locked up in a wardrobe 
  • Keep it tied inside a polythene bag
  • Keep it laying around on a random table, this would make it attract dust
  • Do not store your wig in Styrofoam form because it may cause your wig type to loosen up and become stretched 

Apply Good and Original Products On Your wig

One thing anybody who buys a wig would hate is for your wig to lose its shiny and soft texture within weeks of purchase. Well that can happen to any wig that is not Properly maintained with the right products. When it comes to selecting the right spray and oil for your wig type you should take a lot of things into consideration. For example, the type of wig, bone straight or curly? What type of curls does your wig have? You also need to consider the type of lace frontal or wig cap used because some wig products can destroy the wig cap.

Visit A Professional Stylist

What do you do when you run out of ideas for your wig or begin to notice little changes in your wig texture? Visit a professional stylist for they have answers to your wig problem. Most of us throw our wigs away because we feel we can't maintain it or sometimes we wear it out like that and it looks odd on our face. A professional Stylist should be your go to person when you notice something off about your wig . Even before purchasing a wig your Stylist would help you make better selection


Having a perfect hair everyday is every girls dream and a good wig can help you achieve that. Maintaining your wig—whether human hair or synthetic—will help you look stylish and confident as always.